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Effective 2/27/2023, FRSCPA will no longer post active rates due to rate volatility.

We recommend getting the most up-to-date interest rate information from your current lender.  Should you have any questions, please contact our Business Development & Client Relationship Manager, Melissa Smith for additional assistance – 800.457.1120 or msmith@frscpa.com.

wdt_ID Lender Contact Information for Current Rates
1 Citizens Bank Rich Feilteau, Richard.feilteau@citizensbank.com, 617.515.4100
2 PNC Bank Michael Elegeer, michael.elegeer@pnc.com, 513.236.1657
3 Wintrust/Highland Park Bank Sean Willison, swillison@wintrust.com, 630.205.1338
4 Regions Bank Please contact Regions Bank directly.
5 Synovus Bank Dan Hagaman, danhagaman@synovus.com, 404.642.4997
6 Wells Fargo Jorge Ulloa, jorge.ulloa@wellsfargo.com, 786.406.4833
7 Bank of America Max German, max.german@bofa.com, 804.887.8856
8 Bremer Bank Shaun Coard, skcoard@bremer.com, 612.782.2863
9 BMO Harris Randi Baskin Blume, randi.blume@bmo.com, 312.720.2796
10 MUFG Zac Kalemba, zkalemba@us.mufg.jp 760.814.3952 & Luis Victorio, lvictorio@us.mufg.jp, 619.339.2800

Last Update: 10/25/2023