Ronald A Ronz

A founding partner of the firm, Ron now enjoys his retirement after serving 40 years in his community as a Certified Public Accountant and leader of FRSCPA, PLLC.

Ron was instrumental in the growth of the firm, and enjoyed a niche in the professional services industry that included numerous closely-held entrepreneurial businesses.  He was a trusted advisor to many Tampa Bay law firms, physicians and medical practices, dental practices and many other types of small businesses.  Ron also enjoyed forensic accounting during his years at the firm.  He served as Expert Witness and Consultant in Securities and Commercial litigation cases within the Florida State and Federal Courts, as well as various arbitration forums. In addition to his CPA license, he also held the credentials of CVA (Certified Valuation Analyst) and CFF (Certified in Financial Forensics), both of which are highly regarded in expert testimony, as well as the field of public accounting.

For those that know Ron personally, they know of his love for sports!  He enjoys the camaraderie as well as the stats.

Ron currently maintains his Florida CPA license and memberships with the AICPA and FICPA.